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Meet the Team – Mosele Tsemane
July 29, 2022 | Company News

Meet Mosele, our Production Manager! Mosele is a qualified Engineer with Masters in Chemical Engineering. He is an extrovert who thrives off of working with people from different backgrounds. In 2019, Mosele started working at MG Health as a Producti...

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Our Facility
June 21, 2022 | Company News

MG Health started with Research and Development in 2018 and has proudly been producing world-class Medical Cannabis since 2020! Our flagship facility is nestled in the stunning hilltops of the Marakabei region that forms part of the breathtaking Malu...

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CBD Strain: Basotho Choice (M-5806)
June 9, 2022 | Company News Industry News

Get ready for the next MG Health product launch, introducing Basotho Choice, known internally as M-5806. M-5806 is a flexible strain with lower psychoactive properties, it comprises of about 80% indica and 20% Sativa. It has a high Beta-Myrcene conte...

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Qualifications and Validations
April 30, 2022 | Company News

The three pillars of GMP are efficacy, safety and quality. At MG Health the focus is on Quality by Design which begins with the inception of a potential new process or equipment piece and is followed through the entire life cycle. The User Requiremen...

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Staff Training
April 11, 2022 | Company News

At MG Health all newly appointed employees undergo training on Health and Safety, Human Resource policies and Security rules as part of their induction training for the whole site. An introduction in the form of basic cGMP (current Good Manufacturing...

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Research and Development
April 4, 2022 | Company News

MG Health has an R&D Department mandated to develop up-scalable Cannabis processing methods in line with current GMP guidelines. Part of this is to establish final product standards and specifications. R&D comprises of a Flower Division and a...

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Meet the Team – Mabasotho Leuta
April 3, 2022 | Company News

Meet Mabasotho, our Chief Financial Officer! Mabasotho has 13 years of experience in Financial Management, 9 of which have been in a senior management position where she has demonstrated her experience in strategic planning, organizational change man...

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March 25, 2022 | Company News

Once our dense Cannabis flower has cured and been released for packaging after extensive testing, it is packed into sealed foil pouches (different pack sizes based on customer requirements) before shipping to customers in Europe and beyond. This is d...

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Drapalin Pharmaceuticals
March 7, 2022 | Company News

Introducing Drapalin Pharmaceuticals GmbH – a german pharmaceutical company which is specialises in medical cannabis. DRAPALIN is a globally oriented company with a vertically integrated structure that controls the entire life cycle of the cannabis...

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The Cannabis Forum Strain Review
March 1, 2022 | Company News Industry News

A strain review of our Bafokeng Choice (White Lemon x Marakabei Local) by The Cannabis Forum. “Produced in the landlocked South African country of Lesotho, the non-irradiated buds are a cross between the California strain White Lemon and a local la...

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