About Us

MG Health is a vertically integrated producer of medical cannabis flower and extracts. All of our operations are conducted according to EU GMP specifications on a single site in the pristine mountains of Lesotho, to ensure full control and allow us to implement our “Plant to Patient” philosophy.

We leverage our environmental conditions combined with strict pharmaceutical disciplines to produce cannabis medicines that are safe, effective and consistent.

Our Story

We are a people first organization

We started this business with an ambitious dream. To create something out of nothing, to show that Africa can stand on the world stage able to build and create world class facilities and products. We knew that we could only achieve this with dedicated staff because they too shared our vision. We knew that we had to empower our future workforce, help upgrade services where they live and provide a pathway to being able to ultimately work at our facility. We knew that education, training and upliftment had to be a foundation stone of MG Health.

Community Upliftment

250+ New Jobs Created
70+ Ablution Facilities Built
2+ Learning Facilities Planned
Improving the lives of the people of Lesotho (the “Basotho”) is the foundation of our Company’s ethos and culture.

Our young Company has already had a significant social impact on the local community and has the potential of creating inter-generational wealth for many families. MG Health will be a catalyst for lifting many out of poverty through the creation of new jobs and other wealth creation initiatives.

Experts in Medical Cannabis Flower and Extracts.

A wide range of highly skilled job opportunities have been created for people living in this remote rural environment. To date over 300 permanent jobs have been created in different levels of production in the company, and this will increase to over 3000 people at full production; mostly drawn from the surrounding communities
Working with the community, MG Health has executed numerous infrastructure projects for the benefit of the local villages including the upgrade and building of refuse collection facilities and over 100 ablution facilities.
We are constantly working towards improving road networks around the Marakabei village and and have reconstructed the road from the Chiefs Head Office to the main road under MG Health directives.
MG Health has improved the water systems in the village of Marakabei.
We’re a Medical Cannabis and CBD Oil healthcare company, and it was a priority to ensure a strong health and wellness program for our staff and their families. The company also assisted with the staffing of a local clinic with trained medical practitioners.
We believe education to be the driving force of a fully empowered nation, therefore, we opened two learning facilities around the Marakabei village and have initiated an educational programme, for existing and prospective employees, in the local community with an emphasis on improving English and Mathematics skills necessary to fulfill various job requirements at the facility.
MG Health employed our own teaching staff full time to run a winter tutorial program for High School final year students enrolled at Marakabei High School to assist with their preparation for final year exams in the drive to open greater opportunities upon completion.

Numerous business opportunities are available to entrepreneurs in this remote, undeveloped part of Lesotho, including, locally sourced supply of vegetables and agricultural products used for on-site catering, transport, maintenance, education and training.

Included in MG Health’s various contributions to local business, at least one meal per day is provided to each employee by utilizing these locally sourced supplies.

Accommodation is currently rented from locals to house staff members contracted by MG Health, whilst MG Health is in the planning phase of development of a village inviting existing property owners to build accommodation for MG Health’s growing staff compliment. It is envisaged that MG Health’s rent deduction scheme will provide payment to these property owners and at the same time, providing a secure income stream to be used for mortgage finance for these build-to-rent accommodation units.

Local property and land owners are likely, for the first time, to experience real economic development and inter-generational wealth creation.

MG Health installed IT infrastructure in the local schools and villages, providing access to the internet and online communications.

Due to the economic growth inspired by MG Health’s presence in Marakabei, the Post Bank opened a branch and ATM to facilitate easier access to salaries for Marakabei residents.

MG Health saw the need to incorporate a life skills education programme to equip members of the community, including basic banking and financial planning skills which accompany the steady and elevated income of the MG Health employees.