About mg health


As a licensed cultivator and manufacturer of medical-grade cannabis extracts and products, MG Health is a leader in the emerging medical cannabis industry.

MG Health has both its cultivation and state-of-the-art processing facilities based 2000 meters above sea-level in the mountains of Lesotho, where clean air and pristine environment ensure the growth of high quality plants.


GACP & GMP Global Standards

MG Health operates in accordance and complies with strict GACP and EU GMP Principles for cultivation, and processing of cannabis for the medicinal and pharmaceutical markets.

High Standards

The best-practice production plant was set-up, and operated according to the Good Manufacturing Practices of the EU, and was certified in March 2021.


MG Health is producing and will continue to produce products at a quality as acceptable and well accredited as a handful of global producers, under far lower production cost conditions.


 Compassionate pricing is a game-changer that not only subscribes to our values of accessibility for all, but makes us highly competitive as a supplier to international markets.

3rd Party Testing

A world leading laboratory, LuCan Labs (soon to be GMP accredited) provides analytical results for MG Health’s in-process quality assurance program and Certificates of Analysis to verify quality control of products.

Therapeutic, Safe, Consistent

We work with leading medical practitioners to offer products that are therapeutic, safe and consistent that have the appropriate cannabinoid profile, relevant (and regulatory compliant) potency and dosage guidance.

Plant To Patient Philosophy

Single site chain of custody tracking throughout cultivation, extraction, refining and final product production with no risk of outside contamination of our standardised bulk products and bespoke formulations.

Diverse Team

Highly experienced team with commercial, agriculture, pharmaceutical, engineering, finance and project development skills.


Able to deliver globally compliant ultra-high quality, contaminant free oils and extracts of pharmaceutical grade to regional and international manufacturers and partners at the most competitive price point.

Pristine Environment

A high-altitude site in the Lesotho mountains, with dry air, clean water and no risk of airborne pesticides or chemical contamination.